Нужна помощь? Посетите наш Портал поддержки с ответами на часто задаваемые вопросы (как подключиться к Tor, обойти цензуру, использовать "onion" сервисы и др.)

Написать нам OFTC IRC

#tor - Задайте вопросы об использовании Tor.

#tor-dev - Discuss Tor-related coding and protocols. Ideas are welcome.

#tor-project - Discuss organization and community related topics: meetups, outreach, translation, or website improvements.

#tor-meeting - Watch or join publicly logged team meetings.

#tor-relays - Discuss running a Tor relay.

#tor-south - Talk with Tor's global south community.

Стать волонтером с Tor

Our teams collaborate in open channels, including email lists, you are welcome to join. If you have a question for a specific team not answered on our support portal, you can ask the appropriate list. You're welcome to subscribe and just watch, too :)

Report a bug or give feedback.

Tor relies on the support of users and volunteers around the world to help us improve our software and resources, so your feedback is extremely valuable to us (and to all Tor users).

Сообщите о плохом узле.

Если вы обнаружили узел, который считаете злонамеренным, неверно настроенным или вышедшим из строя, пожалуйста, сообщите об этом (см. вики-страницу и блог).

Сообщите о проблеме с безопасностью.

If you've found a security issue in one of our projects or in our infrastructure, please email tor-security@lists.torproject.org. If you want to encrypt your mail, you can get the GPG public key for the list by contacting tor-security-sendkey@lists.torproject.org or from pool.sks-keyservers.net. Here is the fingerprint:

gpg --fingerprint tor-security@lists.torproject.org
pub 4096R/1A7BF184 2017-03-13
Key fingerprint = 8B90 4624 C5A2 8654 E453 9BC2 E135 A8B4 1A7B F184
uid tor-security@lists.torproject.org
uid tor-security@lists.torproject.org
uid tor-security@lists.torproject.org
sub 4096R/C00942E4 2017-03-13

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For questions and comments about Tor the non-profit organization: trademark questions, affiliation and coordination, contract inquiries, etc, please email frontdesk@rt.torproject.org. For donor-related questions, contact giving@torproject.org.

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The Tor Project
217 1st Ave South #4903
Seattle, WA 98194 USA